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...and she did not want to let him go. But his plea was so urgent the she had to permit him to go, that tears streaming down her cheeks.

Wiraguna's elder brothel- and lie asked his mother's permission to take part in it. At first she refused, but as he kept urging her, she finally gave her permission.

On his journey Pranacitra wits accompanied by two servants, Blendung and jagung, As they neared the roadside stall of Rara Mendut, Pranacitra was surprised to see it great crowd of men and lie became curious. No sooner had lie seen the cigarette vendor then his heart began to beat violently, and overwhelmed by Rara Mendut's beauty, lie said to himself that lie had never in his life seen a beautiful woman. Likewise, when Rara Mendut saw Pranacitra she closed her eyes, and it seemed a long time before she was able to open them again; and when she did, she bowed her head and trembling, said to herself that she had never seen anyone in the world so handsome. She swore to herself that if her love was requited by the young man, she was willing to (lie and be buried with him in one grave.

Returning from the cock-fight as the winner, Pranacitra decided to-stop at Rara Mendut's stall. Rara Mendut, knowing that he responded to her love, was bold enough to write him a letter saying that if he loved her too and took a pity on her, she would ask him to be willing to enter Tumenggung Wiraguna's service. In this way she would be able to dovote all her love to the man of her dreams, though it would be secret and very dangerous.
At home, Pranacitra thought of Rara Mendut all day long. Deep within him he felt that even though would have to pay with his life, he was determined to respond to Rara Mendut,s love. The next morning Pranacitra took leave of his mother to serve at Tumengung Wiraguna's. The mother had a feeling that there was something the matter with her only son, even that he might be facing great danger,


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